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Step 1. Client Consultation

In our first visit to your property, we discuss your goals and dreams in depth, and identify practical concerns. 

Site 2. Site Analysis

We begin the design process by first analyzing the existing landscape. We take measurements and photos to create a site plan

Step 3: Schematic Design 

This stage constitutes the major part of the creative process. A Schematic Design is a broad design concept that proposes overall layout, aesthetic elements, and materials. 

Step 4: Finalization & Approvals 

As we incorporate revisions from the Second Review, we elaborate your approved Schematic Design into a fully defined Final Design. Plants, materials and finishes are specified at this time.

Step 5. Build

Construction Documents are drafted, from which the project can be built. 

Step 6: Maintenace 

As plant material fills in, the garden evolves over time. So in addition to regular garden maintenance, we recommend a semi-annual visit from our maintenance team to do any adjustments and refresh the garden.

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